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Google Cloud Message(GCM)是Google提供給開發者使用的推播服務平台(Push Notification Service)
其前身稱為Android Cloud to Device Messaging(C2DM),此於Android 2.2(Froyo)開始支援
在2012/6/27更名為Google Cloud Message(在Android 4.1發佈前)

若你有安裝Facebook APP的話可以在 設定 -> 應用程式管理 -> 執行中 點擊該應用程式來看即會看到如下畫面:

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In this part, I will introduce how to git clone repository.

Because Android Studio update frequently, I suggest that you'd better to check update for newest version.

And check your Android SDK update, it's usually involving to your development environment.

Let's start it!

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Android Studio has git plugin, which can make you have a well version control on your project.

In this part, I will show you how to create a new repository at Android Studio on Windows OS.

Prepare :

At the first, you should install Git for Windows.

And then, Setting git tools path for Android Studio.

File > Settings > Version Control > Git

You can click Test button to check function. Such as figure below.

git tool test.PNG

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In Android JNI programming, it can also use Log function like android.util.Log

There are two main steps to reach propose.

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This tutorial will show you how to set up an openvpn server on Ubuntu Server 13.04.

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請Android 手機用戶小心


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